Welding it togetherQuality Labor Force

Within a 40 mile radius of Selma, you’ll find a labor force of more than 211,299 people, with skills in manufacturing, utilities, retail, wholesale, communications and other industries. In fact, more than 5,000 workers commute to jobs in Dallas County. Selma has a large pool of workers immediately available in addition to a sizable number of under-employed people whose skills, education and experience exceed the demands of their current employment.

Vocational and Technical Programs:

Our high schools offer technical classes and applied academic courses through vocational/technical schools. This curriculum offers programs that include welding, carpentry, auto mechanics, body shop, and health occupations.

This program is specially designed for students planning either to attend a two-year technical college or to enter the work place directly after graduation.

Wallace Community College Selma’s (WCCS) occupational programs consist of courses in nursing (both RN and LPN), cosmetology, computer science, multi-craft maintenance, welding, drafting, machining, and masonry. WCCS is also home to the Alabama Technology Network (ATN) and offers Pre-Employment Training and Incumbent Worker Training.

The Advanced Visualization Center is a comprehensive center for developing and implementing innovative, engaging curricula for education and workforce development. The technologically-advanced teaching and training opportunities provided in this center are ideally suited for 21st Century education, allowing industry, government, educators and entrepreneurs to virtually transform the learning experience.

The facility includes virtual and simulated environments, 3D and 4D object development labs, 3D and immersive experiences. The Immersive Use of Force Lab, a Rapid Prototyping Lab and teleconferencing areas are located in other facilities on the campus. AVC staff will create and produce interactive, simulated, and immersive learning objects to enhance education and training curricula.

Job Training Programs:

Wallace Community College Selma – Training for Business and Industry Program:

Computer Systems Technology
Drafting & Design Technology
Electrical Technology
Industrial Maintenance
Interactive Digital Center
Masonry / Building Trades
Ready to Work Program

WIRED Entrepreneur Training (Workforce Innovation for Regional Economic Development)

A.I.D.T. (Alabama Industrial Development Training):

As a business coming into Selma you can take advantage of A.I.D.T. This program designs courses specifically for your company and trains your workers at no charge until your plant is fully staffed. This is an internationally-acclaimed program that has trained over 100,000 workers from 800 companies. In a poll of more than 70 corporate site consultants by Expansion Management magazine, Alabama’s work force training program was ranked No. 1 in the country.

Workforce Investment Act of 1998:

One of our most important benefits is our post-employment training. What this program basically does is to keep your employees up-to-date with your expansions or modernizations by retraining them to meet your needs. We also have a federally-supported program under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA), which subsidizes training costs and worker wages until training is complete. These programs will keep your business thriving and keep you in Selma.